Drawing the X-Men superhero "Wolverine"


title Drawing the X-Men superhero "Wolverine"
body [{"hash":"QmUdcF9u5FuUiGYxT5wpHmuSdQyW98PpMWXSvEQWmKKMnJ","name":"11.jpg","type":"image/jpeg","size":788030,"url":"https://ipfs.creary.net/ipfs/QmUdcF9u5FuUiGYxT5wpHmuSdQyW98PpMWXSvEQWmKKMnJ"},{"hash":"QmR7rJGKajQSQiR7WUbFzaoGDnQktsSfZ4Ef1qRXm2CBMV","name":"GIF-INGLES-ESPAƑOL.gif","type":"image/gif","size":24317,"url":"https://ipfs.creary.net/ipfs/QmR7rJGKajQSQiR7WUbFzaoGDnQktsSfZ4Ef1qRXm2CBMV"},{"value":"<p><big><strong>Hello and welcome drawing lovers today I want to present you a new portrait in realistic drawing and this time I draw a portrait of a famous superhero from the world of comics. From the X-Men I want to introduce you to ..&nbsp;Wolverine.</strong></big></p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p><big><strong>Hola y bienvenidos amantes al dibujo hoy les quiero presentar un nuevo retrato en dibujo realista y esta vez dibuje un retrato de un famoso superh&eacute;roe del mundo de los comic. De los X-Men les quiero presentar a..&nbsp;Wolverine.</strong></big></p>\n","type":"text/html"},{"hash":"QmVtwxbPNPgnvPcRmN5H5K7hW1BmpgC7huEBb1dhkhiDps","name":"17.jpg","type":"image/jpeg","size":1581625,"url":"https://ipfs.creary.net/ipfs/QmVtwxbPNPgnvPcRmN5H5K7hW1BmpgC7huEBb1dhkhiDps"},{"value":"<p><big><strong>For the construction of this drawing I begin to use a mechanical pencil with 2B leads and I create the sketch starting with his face creating an expression of fury in his eyes, then I create the nose, mouth with the sample of his teeth, then his mask and part of his suit.<br />\nAlready done the sketch now with the same mechanical pencil, the creation of the skin and part of her face would come, creating a very soft layer of graphite as if stroking the paper so that later with the help of a soft bristle brush I expand the graphite several times to create a very smooth and even surface including the different shades of light and shadow. Then for the darker shadows and to give more depth to the drawing, I use the 6B graphite pencil to achieve volume to the face.<br />\nNow we continue with his brand and part of the suit. With the 2B mechanical pencil with leads we create a very soft layer all over his mask and suit and then blend with the brush. Then with the moldable eraser we create some points of lights to later reinforce the shadows more using the 6B graphite pencil and blur with the brush.<br />\nTo finish with the same 6B pencil we create a dark background around the character so that it stands out, then we take a blur and expand the graphite and voila, we finish this famous character from the world of comics.</strong></big></p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p><big><strong>Para la construcci&oacute;n este dibujo comienzo a usar un portaminas con minas 2B y voy creando el boceto comenzando con su rostro creando una expresi&oacute;n de furia en su mirada, Luego voy creando la nariz, boca con la muestra de sus dientes, seguidamente su mascara y parte de su traje.<br />\nYa hecho el boceto ahora con el mismo portaminas vendr&iacute;a la creaci&oacute;n de la piel y parte de su rostro creando una capa de grafito muy suave como acariciando el papel para que luego con la ayuda de pincel de cerda suave voy expandiendo varias veces el grafito para crear una superficie muy suave y pareja incluyendo los diferentes tonos de luces y de sombras. Luego para las sombras mas oscuras y darle mas profundidad al dibujo utilizo el l&aacute;piz de grafito 6B para as&iacute; lograr el volumen al rostro.<br />\nAhora continuamos con su marcara y parte del traje. Con el portaminas con minas 2B creamos una capa muy suave por toda su mascara y su traje para luego difuminar con el pincel. Luego con el borrador moldeable creamos algunos puntos de luces para luego reforzar mas las sombras usando el l&aacute;piz de grafito 6B y difuminamos con el pincel.<br />\nYa para terminar con el mismo l&aacute;piz 6B creamos un fondo oscuro alrededor del personaje para que resalte luego tomamos un difumino y expandimos el grafito y listo damos por finalizado a este famoso personaje del mundo de los comic.</strong></big></p>\n","type":"text/html"},{"hash":"QmWEStip2BEuoZMBrGy5ko6o6E7QE5mAK2L2dohcqXFJ2a","name":"1.jpg","type":"image/jpeg","size":244996,"url":"https://ipfs.creary.net/ipfs/QmWEStip2BEuoZMBrGy5ko6o6E7QE5mAK2L2dohcqXFJ2a"},{"hash":"Qma5W7jpUiDk43u79t4J81R8cTzwxngR2j4B5HUfZCTmyz","name":"3.jpg","type":"image/jpeg","size":250176,"url":"https://ipfs.creary.net/ipfs/Qma5W7jpUiDk43u79t4J81R8cTzwxngR2j4B5HUfZCTmyz"},{"hash":"QmZ1TF5FEVCktj9URwB6jRUjEE5w21LHANaVpYjJAPnHXN","name":"5.jpg","type":"image/jpeg","size":255070,"url":"https://ipfs.creary.net/ipfs/QmZ1TF5FEVCktj9URwB6jRUjEE5w21LHANaVpYjJAPnHXN"},{"hash":"QmazTTEsM7z7vASn6DGgGEWx15cZBKpGiLwpaMD3257jqr","name":"6.jpg","type":"image/jpeg","size":350139,"url":"https://ipfs.creary.net/ipfs/QmazTTEsM7z7vASn6DGgGEWx15cZBKpGiLwpaMD3257jqr"},{"value":"<p><big><strong>I hope you have enjoyed this work and awaiting your comments. Also thank you for taking the time to visit this Post. I wish you blessings and successes in each of your projects. My name is Elvis Sanchez and I am at your service and you can find me here or on my social networks. We will see each other again in the next project. See you soon.</strong></big></p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p><big><strong>Espero que hayan disfrutado de este trabajo y en la espera de sus comentarios. Tambi&eacute;n darle gracias por tomar su tiempo en visitar este Post. Les deseo bendiciones y &eacute;xitos en cada uno de sus proyectos. Mi nombre es Elvis Sanchez y estoy a la orden y me pueden ubicar por aqu&iacute; o en mis redes sociales. Nos volveremos a ver en el pr&oacute;ximo proyecto. Hasta pronto.</strong></big></p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p><big><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/elsan.arte.fotografia/?hl=es-la\">https://www.instagram.com/elsan.arte.fotografia/?hl=es-la</a></big></p>\n\n<p><big><a href=\"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyiT2UCO6TjA2ElyyuRBBBA?view_as=subscriber\">https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyiT2UCO6TjA2ElyyuRBBBA?view_as=subscriber</a></big></p>\n","type":"text/html"}]
    "description": "Work on realistic handmade drawing. With the graphite technique.. Trabajo en dibujo realista hecho a mano. Con la t\u00e9cnica del grafito.",
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