Tunes on Tuesday Organ Recital | James Flores | April 6


title Tunes on Tuesday Organ Recital | James Flores | April 6
body [{"type":"embed/youtube","value":"","player":"youtube"},{"value":"<p>This was a live recording on April 6 2021 from the local Tunes on Tuesday recital series at St. Matthew&#39;s, Albury, NSW (Australia). More information on the fortnightly recital series:&nbsp;<a href=\"\"></a>​</p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p>Programme:<br />\n00:10​ | B&eacute;lier - Toccata in D minor<br />\n04:35​ | Bach - Prelude and Fugue in D minor, BWV 539<br />\n11:50​ | Dandrieu - Magnificat (Pi&egrave;ces en D. La R&eacute; mineur)<br />\nGuilmant - Sonata No. 1<br />\n22:35​ | Pastorale;<br />\n28:28​ | Final</p>\n\n<p>Organ specification:<br />\n<a href=\"\"></a></p>\n","type":"text/html"}]
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