Drawing the Genie in the Lamp. Will Smith.


title Drawing the Genie in the Lamp. Will Smith.
body [{"hash":"Qme1veccvYW5rjcA2ocB6SMhvvkdnQCrwyzwiSk2x7cvDU","name":"11.jpg","type":"image/jpeg","size":925251,"url":"https://ipfs.creary.net/ipfs/Qme1veccvYW5rjcA2ocB6SMhvvkdnQCrwyzwiSk2x7cvDU"},{"hash":"QmR7rJGKajQSQiR7WUbFzaoGDnQktsSfZ4Ef1qRXm2CBMV","name":"GIF-INGLES-ESPAƑOL.gif","type":"image/gif","size":24317,"url":"https://ipfs.creary.net/ipfs/QmR7rJGKajQSQiR7WUbFzaoGDnQktsSfZ4Ef1qRXm2CBMV"},{"value":"<p><big><strong>Hello friends of the community and lovers of drawing, today I want to present you a new portrait in realistic drawing and I want to share a portrait of a nice character from the movie Aladdin. It is about the genius of the magic lamp who is played by American actor ...&nbsp;Will Smith.</strong></big></p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p><big><strong>Hola amigos de la comunidad y amantes al dibujo hoy les quiero presentar un nuevo retrato en dibujo realista y les quiero compartir un retrato de un simp&aacute;tico personaje de la pel&iacute;cula Aladd&iacute;n. Se trata del genio de la lampara m&aacute;gica que es interpretado por actor estadounidense...&nbsp;Will Smith.</strong></big></p>\n","type":"text/html"},{"hash":"QmdgD1piE5VTRYeU4vfsKbz6UHBiqt8fGaE5a5kdwerm7B","name":"15.jpg","type":"image/jpeg","size":1351561,"url":"https://ipfs.creary.net/ipfs/QmdgD1piE5VTRYeU4vfsKbz6UHBiqt8fGaE5a5kdwerm7B"},{"value":"<p><big><strong>I hope you have enjoyed this work and awaiting your comments. Also thank you for taking the time to visit this Post. I wish you blessings and successes in each of your projects. My name is Elvis Sanchez and I am at your service and you can find me here or on my social networks. We will see each other again in the next project. See you soon.</strong></big></p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p><big><strong>Espero que hayan disfrutado de este trabajo y en la espera de sus comentarios. Tambi&eacute;n darle gracias por tomar su tiempo en visitar este Post. Les deseo bendiciones y &eacute;xitos en cada uno de sus proyectos. Mi nombre es Elvis Sanchez y estoy a la orden y me pueden ubicar por aqu&iacute; o en mis redes sociales. Nos volveremos a ver en el pr&oacute;ximo proyecto. Hasta pronto.</strong></big></p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p><big><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/elsan.arte.fotografia/?hl=es-la\">https://www.instagram.com/elsan.arte.fotografia/?hl=es-la</a></big></p>\n\n<p><big><a href=\"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyiT2UCO6TjA2ElyyuRBBBA?view_as=subscriber\">https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyiT2UCO6TjA2ElyyuRBBBA?view_as=subscriber</a></big></p>\n","type":"text/html"}]
    "description": "Work on realistic handmade drawing. With the graphite technique.. Trabajo en dibujo realista hecho a mano. Con la t\u00e9cnica del grafito",
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        "url": "https:\/\/ipfs.creary.net\/ipfs\/Qme1veccvYW5rjcA2ocB6SMhvvkdnQCrwyzwiSk2x7cvDU"
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