Bizarre Bird Collage 016


title Bizarre Bird Collage 016
body [{"hash":"QmWE85KDrXrpe7KvLU9qKx3AsD32ojWjeSmkbJJcXMKu6F","name":"BBC_016 sq.png","type":"image/png","size":839702,"url":""}]
    "description": "From Bizarre Bird Series - Analog collage (found images, painted papers, and acrylic marker). Size: A4 (base).",
    "tags": [
    "adult": false,
    "featuredImage": {
        "hash": "QmcWHKWoahch6y6ZwM6SU6wAX123GauySRY3kT2kAUeChh",
        "type": "image\/jpeg",
        "size": 120841,
        "url": "https:\/\/\/ipfs\/QmcWHKWoahch6y6ZwM6SU6wAX123GauySRY3kT2kAUeChh"
    "sharedImage": {
        "hash": "QmWE85KDrXrpe7KvLU9qKx3AsD32ojWjeSmkbJJcXMKu6F",
        "name": "BBC_016 sq.png",
        "type": "image\/png",
        "size": 839702,
        "url": "https:\/\/\/ipfs\/QmWE85KDrXrpe7KvLU9qKx3AsD32ojWjeSmkbJJcXMKu6F"
    "license": 32,
    "app": "creary",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "other": {
        "nftLink": null
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