CryptoCartoon of Crypto Kobe


title CryptoCartoon of Crypto Kobe
body [{"hash":"QmQu31kAEjPbQs2mLEcfNFfrF9ucnWdV2CXwGBeXXAa1vp","name":"photo 266 4-53-5-01.jpeg","type":"image/jpeg","size":"65408","url":""},{"value":"<p>CryptoCartoon of the great HEX lover Crypto Kobe wearing a cool Stackin outfit�� so he got the essence and swag of your dear boy the great cryptoinfluencer Charles &quot;Stackin&quot; Fuchs�😉🖼<br />\n<br />\n� About Crypto Kobe 🌟<br />\nCrypto Kobe is the coolest Cryptocurrency Trader, Investor and a Player in DAPPS who is also on Decentralised Finance.<br />\n<br />\nHEX is THE FIRST HIGH INTEREST BLOCKCHAIN CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT.</p>\n","type":"text/html"},{"hash":"QmSVQt1mn92z3iqeDdAP2w5he35Hz9re4emsJ7mh8EQHSD","name":"20200725_102613-01.jpeg","type":"image/jpeg","size":"2384414","url":""}]
    "description": "CryptoCartoon of Crypto Kobe",
    "tags": [
    "adult": false,
    "featuredImage": {
        "hash": "QmY9cGjuacmGcWtih3pduLkfonbu1rPBmSdyXQTxDDkPR4",
        "name": "photo 266 4-53-5-01.jpeg",
        "type": "image\/jpeg",
        "size": "44529",
        "url": "https:\/\/\/ipfs\/QmY9cGjuacmGcWtih3pduLkfonbu1rPBmSdyXQTxDDkPR4"
    "sharedImage": {
        "hash": "QmQu31kAEjPbQs2mLEcfNFfrF9ucnWdV2CXwGBeXXAa1vp",
        "name": "photo 266 4-53-5-01.jpeg",
        "type": "image\/jpeg",
        "size": "65408",
        "url": "https:\/\/\/ipfs\/QmQu31kAEjPbQs2mLEcfNFfrF9ucnWdV2CXwGBeXXAa1vp"
    "license": 32
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