Dental Floss Pick 2 - low poly PBR 3d model


title Dental Floss Pick 2 - low poly PBR 3d model
body [{"value":"<h2><strong>&lsquo;With light metal through the gaps!&rsquo; </strong></h2>\n","type":"text/html"},{"type":"embed/youtube","value":"","player":"youtube"},{"value":"<p>&lsquo;With light metal through the gaps!&rsquo;</p>\n\n<p>● 4096 x 4096 PBR textures</p>\n\n<p>● normal map is baked from the high poly model</p>\n\n<p>Please do not hesitate to contact with me. I will be happy to help you.</p>\n\n<p>Contact me at <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a></p>\n\n<p>Formats: .fbx, .dae, .max, .obj, .mtl, .png, .glTF, .USDZ Polygon: 208 Vertices: 216 Textures: Yes, PBR (ao, albedo, metal, normal, ORM, rough) Materials: Yes UV Mapped: Yes Unwrapped UVs: Yes (non overlapping)</p>\n","type":"text/html"}]
    "description": "Game ready low poly PBR 3d model from",
    "tags": [
    "adult": false,
    "featuredImage": {
        "hash": "QmZVMXSoM9WyAZY2jF4mFpqsLTKuNuSreDoChwXUj2ziMZ",
        "name": "dental_floss_pick_2_1.png",
        "type": "image\/png",
        "size": 187291,
        "url": "https:\/\/\/ipfs\/QmZVMXSoM9WyAZY2jF4mFpqsLTKuNuSreDoChwXUj2ziMZ"
    "sharedImage": {
        "hash": "QmZVMXSoM9WyAZY2jF4mFpqsLTKuNuSreDoChwXUj2ziMZ",
        "name": "dental_floss_pick_2_1.png",
        "type": "image\/png",
        "size": 187291,
        "url": "https:\/\/\/ipfs\/QmZVMXSoM9WyAZY2jF4mFpqsLTKuNuSreDoChwXUj2ziMZ"
    "license": 3,
    "app": "creary",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "other": {
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